Twenty20 Betting

Twenty20 Betting

Comprehensive betting details of all online betting odds to attract the cricket punters and in so doing they have made Twenty20 Cricket one of the most gambled on sports in the world.

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The beauty for the cricket punter is the betting markets created usually offer potentially big returns but like any punters in any sport it is vital to understand the markets and which ones are the more beneficial. The most popular market in any head to head sport is the outright win.

T20 outright Win market

This is obviously all about who the punter thinks will win a match. It is quite simple, but more often than not, the odds on offer are unattractive, if two evenly matched sides face each other, they are usually given similar shortened odds, very often both teams can be odds on to win, meaning that the punter will have to back heavily if he is to get a worthwhile return and that only happens if of course the right team has been backed. Odds are usually much better for a team who appears to be out of form, this happened in the 2009 Twenty20 World Cup, when Pakistan who started the tournament poorly were always the outsiders in every game they played once they reached the knock out stages. In nearly every case the Bookmakers quoted them at around 3 points higher than the favourites meaning that punters could usually get 3 or 4 to one against Pakistan winning.


Usually matches played between the top teams, (see our Twenty20 rankings page for details of the top teams), in any competition attract short odds making a good return difficult, therefore punters are advised to back only when the odds on one team is considerably longer than the other. There are usually plenty of other match betting markets and these include:

BETTING TIP These markets require much guess work and will need careful thought before any bet is made.

Top Batsman Markets

Top batsman markets come in various forms and they depend on if that market is referring to a match or a tournament. For the Top Batsman in tournament betting the markets usually offered are:

These are only a few examples but these are markets where punters can really exploit, mainly due to the trends that batsmens set during a tournament. It is easier to see what players are in form once they have started playing

BETTING TIP Unless supremely confident, never back a player in a tournament until they have played at least once. This might mean that you will get shorter odds but you can guarantee that they will be safer odds.

Bowling markets

Like the batting markets, there will be several specialist markets put up by Bookmakers to cover the various betting options available. Markets such as:

There will be others as well but these markets are specific and can be very profitable for punters provided they know their stats and the form of the bowwlers.

BETTING TIP It is sensible to follow bowlers who have shown form in the respective tournaments before. They are usually the ones that the batsmen fear most and who are therefore more vulnerable to them.